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Watch the 49ers picks on ESPN, NFL Network

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Pick one or the other? Or did you just miss it altogether? Here’s your videos of the two big networks covering the 49ers portion of the draft.

It’s always the big question when a draft party begins: “We watching ESPN or NFL Network this year?” It’s always curious as you’re hearing one team of analysts praise/criticize a pick the San Francisco 49ers made but most of you won’t hear both.

Luckily, we’re here to help. I went and got all the available video I could find from both networks’ draft coverage so you can see what was said. Some of it does cut before the final words are said by the team, but you can at least see a majority of the video packages.

Solomon Thomas


NFL Network

Reuben Foster


NFL Network

There’s not a doubt in my mind you’re going to need to head to YouTube immediately before the DMCA biscuits get this thing more difficult to watch. So enjoy it while you can.