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Reuben Foster was on the phone with the Saints when the 49ers called to draft him

Once it became clear the 49ers drafted him, he hung up on the Saints.

The San Francisco 49ers introduced linebacker Reuben Foster and defensive tackle Solomon Thomas to the media on Friday, and Foster had a funny story about when he got the call that he had been drafted.

The 49ers moved up from pick No. 34 to No. 31 to make the pick. There have since been reports the New Orleans Saints were looking at Foster with the 32nd pick. It turns out, they called Foster to tell him they were going to pick him. Foster said they called and asked to speak to his girlfriend, who was from Louisiana. They were discussing that when the phone buzzed with a call coming from California. It was the 49ers telling him they were going to draft him.

Foster said he told Lynch the Saints had already called and were taking him. Foster did not realize the 49ers had moved up from pick 34. Once John Lynch explained what happened, that was that, and Foster hung up. The Saints probably realized quickly what happened as the pick came across on Twitter and TV.

Fooch’s update: In case anybody was wondering

Here’s video of Foster telling the story.