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NFL trade rumors: Vance McDonald on trade block, 49ers considering TE in day 2

The 49ers have a bunch of tight ends, but they are going to need more.

The San Francisco 49ers do not have a pick until halfway through round three, but there are some rumors already percolating. KNBR reporter Kevin Jones tweeted Friday morning that the 49ers were giving serious consideration to drafting a tight end on day two. Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller then tweeted that the 49ers had been connected to Gerald Everett throughout the process.

Turns out there might be a reason for this. Former NFL GM Mike Lombardi tweeted that 49ers tight end Vance McDonald is on the trade block. He signed a contract extension this past winter, but when the 49ers have $70 million in cap space, dead money on unwanted contracts is not the end of the world.

The 49ers are likely just looking for any kind of late pick. The question then becomes which of the tight ends they grab the next few rounds. The 49ers met with George Kittles (Iowa), and worked out Jordan Leggett (Clemson) and Phazahn Odom (Fordham). I had not seen the Everett mentions, but we’ll see if they make a move for him.