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Golden Nuggets: Welcome Ahkello Witherspoon, C.J. Beathard

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday April 29th 2017

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A few weeks back I got a couple emails about what I had planned for my yearly Mega Man gifs during the draft. For those of you just joining us, I roll out screenshots of Mega Man in one of the many “You get [weapon]”. Being a late 80s old school Nintendo series, the weapons were written in some of the worst Engrish known to man (Crash Bomber for instance). It worked well with Trent Baalke’s picks as I could make fun of the relatively unknowns he brought to the team (Jacquiski Tartt went as ‘liner thumper’ for instance and Eli Harold went as ‘OLB repeater’). Were they funny? Not really, but smile inducing since most of us only knew things would get worse when the season began.

I had the images ready to go...but then the 49ers showed me they had a intelligence boost of sorts. Hey, we don’t know if Solomon Thomas, Reuben Foster, or recently drafted Ahkello Witherspoon and C.J. Beathard will pan out. They may, they may not. But at least we’ve heard of these guys—well for me, three out of four, who the hell is Beathard?. At least we see a rhyme and reason to what the front office is doing. Not some 2012 pick in the second round on an Oregon running back that really made no sense when you saw the depth of the 49ers backfield. The picks make sense.

Well again, three out of four. Who in the flying hell is C.J. Beathard? Did Trent Baalke make a guest pick of sorts?

Back to the draft as a whole: I haven’t even talked about that trade that makes John Lynch look like the second coming of Jimmy Johnson. I may bring the Mega Man gifs in for our light smiles in a day or two, but it’s really hard for me to make fun of the front office when I now see some logic and intelligence behind these draft decisions.


.... (twiddles thumbs)

Oh man...I still don’t get this Beathard pick. Well, I do, yet I don’t. Fine, Ok, here you go:

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What a horrible night to have a curse...