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John Lynch is already proving naysayers wrong

Mike Freeman tweeted out that in just a couple days, Lynch is making a name for himself.

San Francisco 49ers GM John Lynch’s current successes in his first draft certainly can be met with caution. Remember, former GM Trent Baalke had a good first couple of drafts too. But Baalke had been doing the executive/scouting thing for years while Lynch was in a broadcast booth. Everyone remembers the shock that occurred when he was announced as general manager. No one knew what to think.

It’s safe to say he’s doing well in the eyes of armchair GMs everywhere, but how is he doing in the eyes of the NFL? This tweet from Mike Freeman says it all:

Again, this is only one draft, and maybe he won’t ever again get a trade 1-2 punch as pretty as the Chicago Bears/New Orleans Saints trades. And yet, there’s definitely some optimism for the future if he orchestrates things anything like he already has.