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Donald Trump once said that new 49ers QB C.J. Beathard is the next Tom Brady

He once loved Johnny Manziel as well, so make of it what you want.

The San Francisco 49ers drafted Iowa quarterback C.J. Beathard Friday evening, and most people were surprised. He was projected deeper in the draft, and the 49ers made a move up into the back end of the third round to land him.

We’re still learning more about him, but he got one big plug back in January 2016. During a primary campaign rally in Iowa, Donald Trump had the Iowa football team on hand. He gave the team a shout-out, and then Trump offered up one of his usual exaggerations, referring to Beathard as the next Tom Brady.

“We’ve got the next Tom Brady right over here, the quarterback, he’s going to be the next Tom Brady,” Trump said, referring to then-senior-to-be Beathard.

“The next Tom Brady, come on. And I know Tom, and he’s a great guy, I want to tell you.”

Donald Trump has never really shown much in the way of useful sports opinions, but obviously I couldn’t help but share that. And we’ll just offer up another one of his quality QB draft prospect takes: