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Golden Nugget: 10 Unbelievable Facts About Alex Smith (Number 4 surprised us!)

I’ll be upfront with you all. I found a total of one article written on April 2nd, 2017th. It’s not even a Golden Nugget((s)).

Our article for the day brings up a valid question about the fit of our current DL to the system being implemented, and if a highly drafted rookie would make a big difference. While this thinking is not new, two items in this article made an impression. First, it glossed over the questions regarding Armstead and Buckner and their fit, but I can see the point in waiting until the coaches have been hands-on. More importantly, however, I was somewhat disappointed in a similar glossing over of Tank Carradine.

To be frank, I’m as tired of Carradine as much of the fanbase. With that being said, I find myself cautiously excited that Tank might produce in a front he’s familiar with. Clearly it would be foolish for the FO to let “hopes” impact their drafting process, but perhaps Carradine ends up a lottery ticket for the second time in his career, and pays off this time around.

On to the link!

On the 49ers DL fits and needs | Wagoner, ESPN