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Eric Reid, Vance McDonald with quite the upper body workout

I’m sore just watching this video.

The San Francisco 49ers start their offseason workout program on Monday, April 10, but in the meantime, they’re keeping busy. Most players have some sort of training program they do aside from the team, but there are plenty of teammates that will work out together.

In the video below, Eric Reid and Vance McDonald are working out at a gym, and we see Reid doing a pretty crazy version of a sit-up. He wraps his legs around a heavy bag and as McDonald holds him in place, Reid does his sit-ups.

It is also worth noting that Reid’s right bicep seems like it is probably in pretty good shape. He tore the muscle last season, ending up on injured reserve. He was unable to work out for some time, but looking at his right arm in this video, he seems to have had plenty of time to get back into the gym. By all accounts, he should be good to go when the 49ers kick off the offseason workout program next week.

The highlight of the vide however has to be choice of some old school Nelly.