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How Solomon Thomas became the player and man he has become

The San Francisco 49ers drafted defensive lineman Solomon Thomas on Thursday, and he’ll make the short move from Palo Alto to Santa Clara. As a first round pick, and particularly the No. 3 overall pick, expectations are high heading into his rookie season.

We’ll do plenty of film breakdown and analysis over the next few months, but conveniently enough SB Nation had a chance to learn more about how Thomas became the player he now is. We have a series called “Origins” in which we do a deep dive into how professional athletes have reached such high levels.

This one on Thomas is pretty fascinating. The most random fact is probably that Irish dance lessons at a young age helped improve his footwork. But it’s a fascinating watch. He grew up in Australia before moving to Texas. He went through a lot playing middle school and high school football before attending Stanford.

The video features Thomas, his parents, a high school coach, and others. It’s a great watch.