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Tony Romo expected to replace Phil Simms on as CBS lead analyst

I’m pleased with this development.

Tony Romo has decide to call it a career for the time-being, leaving the Dallas Cowboys to pursue a career in broadcasting. He apparently already had options on the table, and reports now have him headed to CBS. The Sports Business Journal is reporting he will join CBS as an analyst, and most notably, will replace Phil Simms as the network’s lead broadcaster. That means he will be the analyst alongside Jim Nantz in 2019 at Super Bowl 53.

There have been reports all three major networks (CBS, FOX, NBC) were interested in Romo. SBJ reported that FOX was looking to have him replace John Lynch, who left the network’s No. 2 team to take over as the San Francisco 49ers general manager.

There have been reports that Romo would consider returning to football if a good situation arose, but taking over as the lead analyst for CBS would seem to make such a scenario highly unlikely. Instead, we might finally end the long national nightmare that is Phil Simms providing color commentary on football games. I don’t think Simms is the worst analyst on television, but given his high profile role, it’s pretty brutal.

I have no idea if Romo will be any good at the intricacies of TV analysis, but I’ll take a roll of the dice on that over another season of Phil Simms.