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49ers to host Alabama OT Cam Robinson for pre-draft visit

The 49ers are looking at a lot of blue chip prospects with three weeks remaining until the draft.

`The list of official visits for the San Francisco 49ers continues to grow. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted on Wednesday that the 49ers will host Alabama offensive tackle Cam Robinson for a pre-draft visit. Robinson met with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Wednesday, and also has visits lined up with the Denver Broncos and Cincinnati Bengals.

The 49ers are allowed up to 30 official pre-draft visits. This does not count players hosted at the local Pro Day, scheduled for April 12. The Robinson visit is the tenth player that has been confirmed by some member of the media. The rest of the list includes:

QB: DeShaun Watson
RB: Dalvin Cook
OL: Dion Dawkins, Nico Siragusa, Cam Robinson
Edge: Myles Garrett, Johnathan Calvin
LB: Reuben Foster, Elijah Lee
CB: Marshon Lattimore

There are several lesser known prospects on that list, but there are quite a few serious blue chip prospects coming to Santa Clara. They certainly have plenty of due diligence to do over the next few weeks, but it will be interesting to see if they are able to move down from the No. 2. They can pick anybody they want right now, but they’ll need to be prepared if they are able to move down the draft board.