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Marshawn Lynch visits Raiders with Seahawks permission

This is one way to buy some short-term love from the fans the Raiders re leaving.

The Oakland Raiders most intriguing storyline is their eventual move to Las Vegas, but in the meantime, they seem to be looking at ways to keep Oakland fans coming to games. Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch was at the Raiders facility on Wednesday, and apparently told the team he is looking to un-retire.

There was some talk in recent weeks about Lynch potentially un-retiring, but it quieted down fairly quickly. It’s safe to say it is no longer quiet. Since Lynch is under contract to the Seahawks for one more year, he had to get permission to visit with the Raiders. And it appears that was not a problem. In fact, it sounds like the Seahawks are comfortable doing a deal if Lynch wants to play in Oakland.

The Seahawks may not be happy with potential trade compensation for Lynch, but given his age and not playing last year and most of the previous year, I can’t imagine it would take a lot of draft pick compensation to make this deal happen.

It certainly would bring some intrigue to the Bay Area. Lynch is a native son, and finishing out his career with the Raiders would be a fitting cherry on top for him. Whether he would actually be an effective running back in Oakland is a whole other question entirely. But, given how angry many Raiders fans are about the team’s upcoming departure for Las Vegas, this would certainly buy at least a little bit of good will. And if he does bounce back, I’d be happy not having to see the 49ers play him twice a year this fall.