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2017 NFL draft rumors: How high will Christian McCaffrey go?

Front office executives seem to be getting more and more excited about the Stanford running back.

A month ago, it seemed like Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey was a decent bet to be there at No. 34 when the San Francisco 49ers came up for their second round pick. The team needs any and all offensive weapons they can add, and McCaffrey is an intriguing threat in the run and pass game.

Since the NFL Combine, McCaffrey’s stock seems to be skyrocketing. We’ve seen him climbing in mock drafts, and reports have suggested teams are looking at him in the back end of the first round.

Now, FOX Sports NFL reporter Peter Schrager is hearing McCaffrey’s stock could climb into the top half of the first round.

All it takes is one team really liking McCaffrey, but would someone really spend a first round pick on him? We are all but certain the Cleveland Browns are drafting Myles Garrett No. 1 overall. Here’s the rest of the top ten

2. San Francisco 49ers
3. Chicago Bears
4. Jacksonville Jaguars
5. Tennessee Titans
6. New York Jets
7. San Diego Chargers
8. Carolina Panthers
9. Cincinnati Bengals
10. Buffalo Bills

You can make a reasonable argument that most of these teams could use an all-purpose offensive weapon. But McCaffrey at this point? It is possible some folks want to push him up ahead of them, but multiples executives from different teams would seem to suggest there are some people who actually think this could happen.

Where do you see McCaffrey drafted later this month?