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Golden Nuggets: Pre-Draft meetings roll in

A daily compilation of 49ers related news from around the internet. Thursday, April 6th, 2017 edition.

After what seemed like a month long lull in meaningful information from the 49ers Front Office, the silence has let up for now. 4 reported pre-draft interviews were scheduled: 1 top pick, 2 late first guys that could slip to the second round, and a guy who will be called a “priority” UDFA. While it’s not a shiny new toy from the free agency store, at least this gives us some material to mull over obsessively.

I was particularly pleased to see the interest being paid to rebuilding the offensive line, as two of the meetings were with tackles. While they were projected at opposite ends of the draft board, I think this marks the beginning of looking towards a future with no Staley anchoring the line. Say what you will about Baalke, but at least the man tried building the interior of the line. His picks were hot garbage, but at least he tried. Here’s hoping that Lynch can succeed where his predecessor failed so often.

Onto the links, we’ve got quite a few today!

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