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NFL teams can sign VCU basketball convert Mo Alie-Cox immediately

20 teams were on hand for his recent Pro Day.

Earlier this week, Virginia Commonwealth University basketball player Mo Alie-Cox held a Pro Day attended by 20 NFL teams. Alie-Cox has not played football since his freshman year of high school, but is looking to try and become an NFL tight end. Apparently Jason Witten spotted him at a basketball game and said he had the makeup to play tight end.

According to NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport, Alie-Cox went through a variety of tight end drills, but also was willing to do other drills as requested, even if they were for other positions. What was most interesting about Rapoport’s report is that the NFL declared Alie-Cox a free agent, and not draft eligible. According to the NFL, Alie-Cox was eligible for the 2016 NFL Draft, and since he was not selected, he became a free agent at that point. That means he can sign immediately with any team.

There is no word yet if the 49ers were in attendance for Alie-Cox’s Pro Day. The team has a full contingent of tight ends on the roster, but none has stood out in a way that would preclude the team from adding more. This year’s draft is viewed as particularly deep at the position, so the 49ers could very well invest there. They need more talent, but they would not need to push too hard on Alie-Cox. And given his UDFA status, he would likely be an inexpensive option to consider.