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Two executives think Davis Webb could go in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft

There is no agreement on how many quarterbacks will go in round one, but two executives had an intriguing name.

The 2017 NFL Draft features questions about the quarterback class, and that has resulted in a wide range of possibilities at the position. Mitchell Trubisky seems like a good bet to be the first quarterback off the board, with Deshaun Watson likely the second QB. But beyond that, it’s a lot of guess-work.

NFL Media draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah recently asked five executives how many quarterbacks they expect to be drafted in the first round. The result was two votes for two and three quarterbacks, and one vote for four quarterbacks. However, amidst those votes were intriguing inclusions of Cal quarterback Davis Webb.

One executive said Watson and Trubisky will go in some order early on, and then someone will move into the late 20s to draft either Webb or Patrick Mahomes. Another executive said Watson and Webb would be the two quarterbacks drafted in the first round. He said, “I am sticking to my Webb guns. He's the second-best QB in this class. I have read the Trubisky and Mahomes buzz. Not sure if I believe it.”

It would not surprise me to see that late run on QBs. As Jeremiah mentioned, that fifth year option holds incredible value for a team, and particularly so if you end up finding a potential franchise quarterback. But Davis Webb? He’s got intriguing tools, and this is not the first time someone has banged the drum for him. He has intriguing tools, and he put together an impressive performance at the Senior Bowl. It seems like a reach, but could Webb’s momentum carry him that high in the draft?