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Golden Nuggets: Tramaine Brock released

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, April 8th 2017

Well, this sadly, certainly makes the dead period more interesting. The San Francisco 49ers have released Tramaine Brock following a domestic incident. I’m not really going to go into it during the Nuggets (believe me, I have plenty to say on this), but I’ll just leave this with my unneeded opinion of it all: It’s the right call. You’ve got a new GM, a new head coach, statements on record that they are judging people on character, and a cornerback who fled his house after his girlfriend is bruised. We live in a world where forgiveness and empathy is encouraged, but there are some things you can’t talk your way out of and that is one of them.

To quote Joe Pesci from my favorite movie, Casino: “This guy was just dying to be made an example of.”

And Brock, even if he didn’t lay a finger on his girlfriend (we are yet to get the facts in all of this) maybe this sends a message to the locker room to make sure you’re not anywhere near these situations to begin with. Bolting from the scene, only to turn yourself in to the police the next morning isn’t exactly helping your case.

Either way, it’s the right call. Brock may find a job before Colin Kaepernick, but John Lynch—and the 49ers by extension have never looked better. Especially when this was exactly what his objective was when he took the gig.

Onto the links!

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What a horrible night to have a curse...