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5 fun facts with Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster [Video]

Time to learn a little more about two of the newest 49ers!

The San Francisco 49ers made some moves and bolstered their defense with defensive lineman Solomon Thomas and linebacker Reuben Foster in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft. I do a series over at Fangirl Sports Network called 5 Fun Facts, in which I share a few things about 49ers’ players and members of the organization. In a lot of the videos, I talk to the players themselves and get them right from the source.

I had the chance to do that with both Thomas and Foster after their joint introductory press conference. The videos are fun (no pun intended) and you’ll get to know the two newest 49ers just a little bit better. You can view the Thomas video above, and the Foster video below. Enjoy and make sure you’re following me @49ersfangirl for all the latest 49ers’ draft news.