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Golden Nuggets: The Harsh Realities of Armchair GMery Set In

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the web. Monday, May 1st, 2017 edition.

Now that the draft is firmly in the rearview, actual analysis is beginning to trickle back in, for the meantime. Maiocco and Barrows both put out some solid content today, taking in-depth looks at the intended roles of our new rookies, a detailed overview of Lynch’s first offseason as a GM, and a well written (albeit, really a preemptive maneuver to quell the forming tides of “Williams is Borland 2.0” that will inevitably bubble to the surface as we enter the doldrums) piece on player-character facet of the GM puzzle.

On a personal note, this recent draft has left me with the dull pain that comes along with remembering all of the proverbial could’ve’s and would’ve’s of the years past: When Le’Veon Bell wasn’t well regarded by draftniks, when I beat the table for Elam being a superior prospect to Cyprien (I still hate that dude for no good reason), and the rest of the mistakes of a distant yesteryear. I’d like to take a moment of silence for all of our old draft crushes that are now All-Pros elsewhere.

Leonard Fournette, may you bring the Jaguars back to relevance and end the chronic suffering of those lovable rubes in Duval.

One thing I’m sure to keep an eye on over the coming practices is the proliferation of articles comparing our defensive roster to that of the Seattle Seahawks. There’s been some nondescript chatter about Solomon Thomas supposedly in line to play a Michael Bennett role. The FS conversation around Ward has nearly always included the name “Earl Thomas”. We’ve got a trio of outside corners at listed heights ranging between 6’1” and 6’3”, which seems to fit a Sherman/Browner mold. We’ve got a pair of talented but largely unproductive projects rostered in Carradine and Tartt, who might find some success with the scheme change. The former may find success playing at a natural weight in a more familiar 4-3 front, and the latter is a paper candidate for a Chancellor role. I’m still working on achieving a working understanding of Carroll’s system, so feel free to correct any of the previous assumptions, which are mostly based on measurables, and not much else.

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One last thought that has very little to do with the actual 49ers, but content writers. I’ve seen two different instances already of guys who put out like weekly mock drafts at ESPN or whatever entering the stages of grief, regarding the passing of mock draft season. Watch for little intros like “Alright sports fans, mock draft season is silly and golly it’s so great that it’s over”, and you’ll see a grief-stricken liar.