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49ers have highest UDFA guarantee in NFL, to WR K.D. Cannon

The 49ers had a few guys they reeeeeally liked.

Fooch’s update: Turns out Colorado linebacker Jimmie Gilbert got even more, with $62,000 in total guarantees!

The San Francisco 49ers hustled through the undrafted free agency process on Saturday afternoon, and will likely announce the moves later this week. In the meantime, USA Today NFL reporter Tom Pelissero has some early numbers on guarantees given to some of the players.

The San Francisco 49ers lead the way on this list, giving wide receiver K.D. Cannon $45,000. He got a $5,000 signing bonus and $40,000 in a base salary guarantee. Georgia Southern running back Matthew Breida was fourth on the list at $30,000 ($5,000 SB, $25,000 base). Tight end Cole Hikutini got $20,000 in total guarantees ($10,000 SB, $10,000 base). Finally, Penn State safety Malik Golden received $15,000 ($3,000 SB, $12,000 base).

It is possible players received more than some of these, but this is the info we have for now. Jason Hurley will have more numbers as they slowly start rolling in.

These are big guarantees for the UDFAs, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re relatively small. There are veterans on the 49ers roster that likely have bigger roster bonuses than the combined guaranteed money of the entire 49ers UDFA class. None of these players is guaranteed a roster spot. Rather, the bigger guarantees are for guys that likely had a lot of suitors.

The 49ers will hold their rookie minicamp soon, and they’ll likely have the deals done in time for players to get into minicamp. They also have some tryout candidates that are not getting any money (other than per diem at minicamp), but will look to earn a UDFA deal. When the 49ers announce these UDFA deals, it likely will not be the end of it. Odds are pretty good they make some additional moves later in the offseason workout program in preparation for training camp.