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Trent Taylor celebrates getting drafted by the 49ers

Kyle Shanahan is a fan of what he can do as a slot receiver.

One of the coolest parts of draft week is seeing the excitement and emotion as college football players get selected (or signed as a UDFA). We will spend months breaking down what all this means, but for these players, it is the culmination of however many years of hard work.

The latest video comes courtesy of new 49ers wide receiver Trent Taylor. The video opens with him on the phone. He hangs up and says, “I’m gonna be a 49er.” His friends and family erupt (I recommend keeping the volume fairly low).

CBS Sports and had him listed as a potential priority free agent, but Kyle Shanahan was a big fan of his work as a slot receiver. He had this to say about Taylor

“One thing I’ll say about receivers is they come in all shapes and sizes. The thing I look for the most in receivers are specific traits you can take advantage of. If they have elite speed, then we can use them a certain way. If they have elite quickness, you can use them a certain way. If it’s toughness or hands. What Trent did is I thought he was as good at the slot role as anyone that we were looking at in the draft, is he really owned that spot. He was very quick. His body’s always under him. He can make cuts. I thought what impressed me the most about him besides the separation ability is that when he did get the ball in his hands, he ran angry and pissed off. He got up the field. He’s not scared to get hit. He’s a very competitive, violent runner and those are the guys to me who keep you on the field and move the chains.”

Congrats to Trent Taylor, and his whole family!