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49ers win totals: OVER/UNDER set low following 2017 NFL draft

It is not a surprising figure, but would you take the OVER or UNDER?

The San Francisco 49ers wrapped up a solid performance in the 2017 NFL draft, getting As and Bs in most draft grades. We won’t know how the team really did for three or four years, but for now, it looks good. Add in a busy and productive free agency period, and the 49ers seem to be on the right path.

Now that the draft is a wrap, Las Vegas sports books are unveiling win totals. The schedule was released a week before the draft, but the close of the draft settles the bulk of the rosters around the league that will head into training camp. There will be plenty of UDFA moves and other veteran free agent additions, but most teams have a good idea of things at this point.

The South Point hotel released this round of win totals. They have the 49ers installed at 4.5 wins. For the rest of the NFC West, the Seattle Seahawks are installed at 10.5, the Arizona Cardinals are at 7.5, and the Los Angeles Rams are at 5.5.

A year ago, the 49ers opened at 5 wins following the hiring of Chip Kelly. The 49ers have turned things over significantly since then, but I am not overly surprised by such a low total. Would you take the OVER or UNDER on 4.5 wins for the 49ers. I’m optimistic about the 49ers direction, but it’s hard to say what it means in the short term. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have acknowledged this is a lengthy process. The quarterback situation is settled for 2017, but not much beyond that. How does this shake out?