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Colin Kaepernick handed out suits today at a Queens, NY parole office

The free agent quarterback is doing some great things for a lot of people.

Right off the bat, if you don’t want to read about Colin Kaepernick, there are plenty of other articles on the front page about the draft and you can go to our archives page as well. But in light of another pretty cool thing Colin Kaepernick did today, I wanted to share it here.

The free agent quarterback is living in New York, and on Monday he was doing something that makes a lot of sense. He joined Kevin Livingston of 100 Suits for 100 Men at the New York State Division of Parole office in Queens and handed out suits. The 100 Suits organization was created, “to help those individuals get to a place of economic freedom and by helping to reduce recidivism rates. Through a variety of programs, we have been able to connect to and assist formerly incarcerated individuals, homeless individuals, gang members and survivors of domestic violence.”

Ex-convicts in particular getting out of prison or jail are expected to find gainful employment. They struggle at times landing work, for a variety of reasons. A suit isn’t going to guarantee a person a job, but it can be a useful step forward. At the very least, it can potentially provide a little confidence as they try and get out to find a job.

Whatever it does for each person, I think it’s just another cool thing Colin Kaepernick is doing to help people in the community. Prior to taking a knee, Kaepernick made a huge impact on the lives of heart patients at Camp Taylor. Combine that with all this work he is doing for people of color in America and around the world, and the impact he is making for all sorts of people is pretty incredible.

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