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George Kittle enjoyed some time at Seth Rollins’ wrestling academy

It turns out new San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle is a big wrestling fan. The now former Iowa Hawkeye took some time to hit up Black and Brave Wrestling Academy recently and hopped in the ring briefly. The academy is run by a trio of wrestlers that includes WWE star Seth Rollins.

The academy posted some video from Kittle’s visit. We see him sporting his brand new 49ers hat, and he gets in a little bit of action, knocking down fellow Hawkeye Steve Manders. Kittle gets a little celebration in at the end.

I don’t know what Kittle has planned for celebrating when he gets into the end zone for the first time, but given his love of wrestling, something moderately dramatic might ensue! And it’s a shame he’s joining the 49ers now, and was not on the team back when Levi’s Stadium hosted Wrestlemania. Maybe he can join up with fellow tight end Rob Gronkowski in an encore to Gronk’s recent appearance at Wrestlemania 33.