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49ers sign draft pick Ahkello Witherspoon to rookie contract

The 49ers get their seventh rookie signed.

The San Francisco 49ers have signed third round pick Ahkello Witherspoon to his four-year rookie contract. He marks the seventh draft the 49ers have gotten signed. They signed their six day three picks last week in time for the start of rookie minicamp.

The players left to sign are first round picks Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster, and third round pick C.J. Beathard. Players that are unsigned can take part in the offseason workout program, but have to sign a waiver. Thomas and Trent Taylor were allowed to participate in rookie minicamp, but are not allowed to participate in the offseason program until after they finish final exams. Taylor’s end May 20, while Thomas’ end in June.

We don’t have the exact specifics of the contract but the rookie wage scale means contracts are easier to project out. Our friends at Over The Cap are able to give a specific idea of what the rookie contract will look like. We don’t know about workout and roster bonuses, but we can get close on the signing bonus and base salaries.

According to that, Witherspoon’s deal is worth $3,373,572. He gets a $975,572 signing bonus, and league minimum base salaries of $465,000, $555,000, $645,000, and $735,000.

Signing bonus: $975,572

2017 base: $465,000
Cap hit: $708,393

2018 base: $555,000
Cap hit: $798,393

2019 base: $645,000
Cap hit: $888,393

2020 base: $735,000
Cap hit: $978,393