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Pete Carroll looking at all QB options including Colin Kaepernick, RGIII

The backup QB situation in Seattle needs an upgrade and Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III are options

Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was on Seattle’s local 710 ESPN radio show “Brock and Salk” and discussed the team’s interest in adding competition behind Russell Wilson at quarterback. He was asked specifically about Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III.

While Carroll mentioned the Seahawks have cap and roster issues that they need to maneuver to add players at this time, he did confirm that they are “looking at all those guys.” He is the first coach we have heard from that has specifically acknowledged considering Kaepernick (albeit, in looking at “all” the options out there).

This follows Peter King’s MMQB article giving reasons why Kaepernick would be a good fit in Seattle. Kaepernick and the Seahawks are familiar with each other as well as multiple players on the team being outwardly supportive of Kaepernick’s political stance. Even Richard Sherman has expressed his belief that Kaepernick is being black balled by NFL teams.

There is still no evidence that Kaepernick’s price tag is too high or that he is demanding a starting role on a team to explain his continued free agent status as he recently explained to Shannon Sharpe.

Seattle’s back up quarterback, undrafted free agent Trevone Boykin was arrested twice during the offseason and behind him are Jake Heaps, Skyler Howard, and Michael Birdsong. Kaepernick and/or Griffin would be considered an upgrade, but all of it obviously hinges on what each player would be willing to accept from a team strapped by salary cap issues.