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2017 NFL playoff odds: 49ers down deep on conference title odds

The 49ers are way down the list of teams when it comes to odds of winning their conference title.

The San Francisco 49ers are not expected to be particularly great in 2017, and the odds are reflecting that. I suppose none of this is a surprise, but I still find it interesting to see what oddsmakers expect from public wagering. The latest comes courtesy of Bovada, with conference title and division title odds. This is not meant as a prediction of who will win each conference and division. Instead, it’s about generating money across the board, so sportsbooks can guarantee themselves a profit.

The 49ers and Cleveland Browns are longshots to win the Super Bowl, and it is further reflected in their respective conference title odds. Both teams are 100/1 longshots. The 49ers are the only one with such odds in the NFC, while the New York Jets are also installed at 100/1 in the AFC. The Los Angeles Rams are next at 66/1.

The New England Patriots are heavy AFC favorites at 2/1, trailed by the Oakland Raiders and Pittsburgh Steelers at 7/1. In the NFC, the Dallas Cowboys are installed at 9/2, with the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers right behind them at 11/2.

Here are NFC West divisional odds:

Seattle Seahawks: 2/7
Arizona Cardinals: 3/1
Los Angeles Rams: 12/1
San Francisco 49ers: 18/1

It is not surprising to see Seattle getting such heavy odds. The only team with stronger divisional odds is the New England Patriots, installed at 1/5. The Green Bay Packers (5/7) are the only other team getting odds under even money.

2017-18 NFC Champion

Dallas Cowboys: 9/2
Green Bay Packers: 11/2
Seattle Seahawks: 11/2
Atlanta Falcons: 6/1
New York Giants: 9/1
Arizona Cardinals: 14/1
Carolina Panthers: 14/1
Minnesota Vikings: 14/1
New Orleans Saints: 16/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 18/1
Washington: 22/1
Philadelphia Eagles: 25/1
Detroit Lions: 28/1
Chicago Bears: 40/1
Los Angeles Rams: 66/1
San Francisco 49ers: 100/1

2017-18 AFC Champion

New England Patriots: 2/1
Oakland Raiders: 7/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 7/1
Denver Broncos: 9/1
Houston Texans: 9/1
Kansas City Chiefs: 12/1
Indianapolis Colts: 14/1
Baltimore Ravens: 20/1
Tennessee Titans: 20/1
Cincinnati Bengals: 25/1
Miami Dolphins: 25/1
Los Angeles Chargers: 33/1
Buffalo Bills: 40/1
Jacksonville Jaguars: 40/1
Cleveland Browns: 100/1
New York Jets: 100/1