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Jay Gruden on Kirk Cousins: ‘I know he’s gonna be here this season, and that’s all I care about.’

Your non-regular offseason Kirk Cousins update.

The San Francisco 49ers were actively connected to Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins much of the offseason, but for the time being that is off the table. Washington placed their franchise tag on Cousins, and amidst trade rumors connected to the 49ers and Browns, the quarterback signed his tender.

There appears to be no progress on a long-term deal between Washington and Cousins, but barring something crazy, he will spend the 2017 season in our nation’s capital. Team president Bruce Allen runs football operations and the accompanying contract negotiations, and head coach Jay Gruden is content to let that work itself out independent of him. Gruden said on Monday, “My approach, really: I’m not gonna be concerned about it ... I know he’s gonna be here this season, and that’s all I care about.”

The 49ers travel to face Washington in October, so we’ll have plenty of chatter there about the Kirk Cousins-Kyle Shanahan connection. However, given the potential the 49ers make a run at Cousins next spring, our coverage will be slightly broader with regard to Cousins. We won’t have a daily update or anything like that, but I’m tempted to have a somewhat regular look at the Washington QB when the season gets here. And in the meantime, I’ll post the occasional update as something interesting happens or is said.

Maybe it all proves for naught, but even with the selection of C.J. Beathard, signing Kirk Cousins seems like a very real possibility. If the 49ers had drafted Beathard in the first round, then maybe that’s a clear sign they think they have their long-term answer. You want a third round pick to make an impact, but the pick does not preclude a heavy investment in the same position. And let’s not forget. We’ve heard multiple times now that Shanahan sees some of Kirk Cousins in Beathard. I suppose it would be fitting if the 49ers paired them together next year.

In case you’re wondering what Kirk Cousins is up to today, he’s got basketball on the brain!