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Colin Kaepernick’s trainer: ‘He’s healthy, he’s bigger, he’s faster than he was, and he’s ready.’

It’s safe to say Colin Kaepernick is motivated to play.

NFL Network reporter Mike Silver tweeted on Monday that the Seattle Seahawks reached out to Colin Kaepernick’s agent last week to discuss a potential backup role. This is the first specific report of a team expressing interest in the free agent quarterback. If Kaepernick’s current trainer would have anything to do with it, it would not be the last call.

New York City trainer Josh Hidalgo recently chatted with MMQB’s Peter King about the work Kaepernick has put in this offseason to prepare for the 2017 season. Anonymous sources from the 49ers raised questions about whether or not Kaepernick is committed to football. Three teams reportedly called sociologist Dr. Harry Edwards to inquire if Kaepernick could play and wanted to play. It is the question of the day, and Colin Kaepernick has remained mum on it.

Trainers are generally enthusiastic folks, and just reading what Hidalgo told MMQB suggests he is no different. However, enthusiasm aside, Hidalgo offered a little bit of detail on what Kaepernick has been up to this offseason. He said the quarterback’s weight is back up to 230, describing it as “a solid 230,” while he is “eating perfectly.”

Kaepernick and Hidalgo were connected in January through a mutual acquaintance. Kaepernick told Hidalgo his weight and his diet were questions that had been raised. We’ve heard about the vegan stuff, and of course, his weight was questioned much of last year.

Hidalgo recognizes the questions that have been raised. He said they have been working out five hours a day, five days a week. Hidalgo he talked about making sure they considered all options in getting Kaepernick ready.

“This isn’t a normal off-season, obviously. We are leaving no stone unturned. Working out, sleeping, eating, massages, getting ready to do it again the next day. Colin is not a guy at the clubs … He is in the gym. We knew he was going to be dissected. We knew any chink in the armor was going to be dissected, so there are no chinks in the armor. We knew this was the be-all, end-all for us.”

Hidalgo offered plenty of platitudes about Kaepernick being in the best shape of his life and being ready to push any starter wherever he goes. I don’t know what Hidalgo knows about football, but I don’t doubt that he is seeing a motivated Kaepernick.

The Seahawks are looking at backup options and make a ton of sense for as a landing spot for Kaepernick. They need help behind Russell Wilson, and their offensive coordinator has shown the kind of creativity that could find some success with Kaepernick. They have plenty of players active in the community, similar to Kaepernick, and Pete Carroll seems comfortable in dealing with the assortment of personalities.

For Kaepernick, it does not give him a chance at starting this year (outside of a Russell Wilson injury), but it gives him a stable situation for the first time in a few years. Whether or not he gets opportunities in 2017, a one-year deal in Seattle could provide some momentum for a multi-year deal in 2018.

There is plenty of debate to be had about what exactly Kaepernick brings to the football. There would seem to be less and less debate about whether or not he wants to play football and whether or not he’s physically ready. We’ll see if that turns into a signing somewhere.