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Blaine Gabbert can name all six of his previous offensive coordinators

A recurring theme during the last couple years of the Alex Smith era was the number of offensive coordinators he went through. Coaches came and went, and in some ways it likely hamstrung his development. I remain committed to the idea that if Norv Turner had stuck around for at least one more year (shoulder injury aside!), things might have gone differently during those early years. But, what do I know.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert signed with the Arizona Cardinals recently, and he too went through the multiple changes in offensive coordinators. Gabbert met with Cardinals media after practice on Tuesday, and he got a chance to name all of the offensive coordinators he has worked with.

That led to a money tweet from PFT Commenter. It’s a slow Tuesday, and this cracked me up enough that I thought it was worth sharing.