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Michael Bennett thinks Seattle Seahawks are ‘perfect place’ for Colin Kaepernick

It remains to be seen if this happens, but it makes a lot of sense.

In the least surprising news of the day, Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett has spoken up about the Colin Kaepernick reports and rumors. Mike Silver reported on Monday that the Seahawks general manager contacted Kaepernick’s agent last Friday about a potential backup role. Bennett told a Seattle radio station that bringing in Kaepernick makes a lot of sense.

"I think a person that's dedicating their life to creating change, why wouldn't you want that type of leadership in your locker room?" Bennett told John Clayton and Gee Scott on 710 ESPN Seattle. "Why wouldn't you want a young person that's dealt with people wanting to kill him because of his choices in life? So I don't know why people feel like that is a problem.

"I think that Kaepernick getting the opportunity to be on our team would be really cool, would really be a good place for him because you have a coach like coach [Pete] Carroll who is up for challenges like that. You have an owner who spends and gives back to the homeless. You've got players on your team that give back in the community. You've got Russell Wilson who shows that our team is built around community. So this is a perfect place for him."

Bennett has spoken up in support of Kaepernick this past year. Given their mutual interest in social justice issues, Bennett is a fan of Kaepernick’s protest. Additionally, when the 49ers were starting Blaine Gabbert the first month of the season, Bennett said Kaepernick would give them a better chance to win.

On Monday, Pete Carroll acknowledged the team is looking at quarterback depth options, although when asked about Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III, he simply said they were, “looking at all those guys.” The Seahawks are in the middle of phase two of the offseason workout program, still a couple weeks away from OTAs and minicamp. They could get Kap in for that portion of the program, but if they are seriously interested in him, they could also wait until after the program weeds out their QB depth chart, and then sign him in June or July before training camp. Or, they don’t sign him at all, and the wait continues.