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Film breakdown of 49ers QB C.J. Beathard

The analyst sees the potential for an average to above average NFL quarterback.

The San Francisco 49ers’ decision to draft quarterback C.J. Beathard raised plenty of questions. He was coming off a bad 2016 season that saw him regress from a solid 2015. He was projected as a late day three pick at best, but the 49ers elected to climb up into the back end of the third round to draft him.

Since the draft, we’ve seen multiple comparisons of Beathard to Washington QB Kirk Cousins. The latest comes from Sam Gold over at Field Gulls. Sam puts together regular film breakdowns, and decided to take a look at Beathard. I’ve embedded the video above, and he discussed some of it here.

He offers some insight into Beathard’s strengths and weaknesses, and sees a QB that if he works on his deficiencies could develop into an average to above quarterback. He sees a guy who if surrounded by strong talent, could help a team make a playoff run. Again, that is assuming he works on his deep ball accuracy and timing patterns.

Give the video a watch above, and big thanks to Sam!