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Super Bowl 52 odds: 49ers drop, Raiders getting some love

The lack of a clear long-term solution at quarterback likely resulted in the drop.

We missed this earlier in the month, but put together their third round of Super Bowl 52 odds shortly after the 2017 NFL draft. They released odds the day after the Super Bowl, a second time after one week of free agency, and now this set. The next will likely pop up around the start of training camp.

The San Francisco 49ers remain among the longest of shots to win Super Bowl 52. They are currently at 200/1, along side the Cleveland Browns. It is interesting to note that the 49ers opened at 150/1, and remained there after one week of free agency.

I would not be surprised if the adjustment was made because the 49ers did not make a more aggressive move at quarterback. The offense is in a position to show some measure of improvement, but they have a long ways to go to become a high power attack. Oddsmakers might have decided that the perception will be that they are truly settled into a rebuilding period, and they need to bump the odds to potentially get a few more bucks.

I came across a couple interesting numbers earlier this week. The Westgate SuperBook provided a look at who is getting Super Bowl bets in the early going. The Oakland Raiders are the team getting the most bets, and second most in terms of money bet, while the New England Patriots are getting the second most bets, but the most total money. The Dallas Cowboys are third on both lists.