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Michael Bennett shuts down Stephen A. Smith criticism of Colin Kaepernick

Stephen A. Smith has a regular “final take” in which he complains and whines about some topic near and dear to his heart. Recently, Michael Bennett mentioned how he thinks Colin Kaepernick would bring solid leadership to the Seattle Seahawks if he signed there.

Stephen A. Smith took exception to that. He pointed to Colin Kaepernick not voting, and then went into some detail about various heroes to the civil rights movement. Smith raised a notable point about voting, which Kaepernick chose not to do this past year. There is an extensive and reasonable debate to be had when it comes to voting. However, by all accounts, Smith is not the guy looking to engage in an important debate. Rather, he is inclined to yell and scream and spew his hot takes.

Bennett heard what Smith had to say, and offered up an excellent rebuttal. He called Smith a clown who does nothing to make an impact, while they are busy working within communities to do more.

You can watch Smith’s comments in the video below, and after that you can read Bennett’s comments.