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Pierre Garçon is an epic trash talker

Garçon was on the Rich Eisen Show and discussed his on field behavior

When meeting San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Pierre Garçon for the first time, you see a man who is mild mannered, polite with what his former coach Clyde Christensen calls a trillion dollar smile that lights up a room. What you don’t see is the fierce competitor that has a penchant for talking a significant amount of trash while on the field.

Garçon was a a guest on the Rich Eisen Show and tried to delicately describe his trash talking. He mentioned that he has never been mic’ed up because he he utilizes too many four letter words. He keeps opponent’s personal lives out of the mix, but after that, all bets are off.

When I’m on the field there’s a standard I have to uphold for my teammates, my teammates, my division three buddies. If you go soft or you let something happen to you out on the field, everybody is going to remind you of it. If you go hard, your teammates are going to respect it and everyone is going to be like “Oh yeah, I want to be like that because ehe’s going hard no matter what. Even if it’s a blocking play he’s appreciating the game, he’s playing hard because he’s just happy to be out there. It can go from 0-100. It doesn’t go off the field. It’s a lot of four letter words.

The talking doesn’t continue once the game clock hits 0:00, as Garçon congratulates his opponents on games well played. It is, however another example of the toughness that the new regime is seeking to fill the roster with. Kyle Shanahan has repeatedly mentioned how violent Garçon plays and this newly discovered element of trash talking seems to be the icing on the cake of a player who could have a very successful career in Santa Clara.

You can find the podcast here.