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Time Stamps for Matt Maiocco Podcast with Matt Barkley & Mindi Bach

Here are your timestamps for Matt Maiocco’s latest podcast with Mindi Bach San Francisco 49ers quarterback Matt Barkley.

Matt Maiocco is back with another podcast. This time it’s a conversation with Mindi Bach and an interview with 49ers free agent quarterback acquisition Matt Barkley. Mindi Back comes first and it’s less of an interview as it’s more of them talking about the state of the 49ers. For that reason, it’s a bit difficult to really time stamp it since it’s a conversation with the expected moments of going off-tangent.

Matt Barkley comes in around the halfway mark and it’s your traditional interview segment, but within you’ll certainly get an idea of what Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch saw in him when they brought him over to the organization. There are some areas where Maiocco had him elaborate on a given topic, but this is a good breakdown of what was discussed when.

As always, you can listen to the full podcast here.

Mindi Bach:

0:43 - Why would the 49ers sign Matt Barkley?
2:33 - Background of Barkley at USC
5:21 - Barkley’s transition into the NFL
7:22 - Impressions and highlights of Barkley finally running a pro-style offense
10:31 - The circumstances surrounding Barkley’s signing with the 49ers
15:00 - Barkley’s preparation in the offseason
17:00 - Impressions on the upcoming Barkley interview

Matt Barkley:

19:00 - Adapting being back in California
20:45 - On what drew him to the 49ers
21:41 - On playing the 49ers in a Chicago snowstorm
23:50 - On what he drew from his starts in the 2016 offseason
25:28 - Working with Tom House on his mechanics
27:45 - On the experience playing for Chip Kelly
28:40 - On the decision to not go pro after his junior year of college
30:45 - On community service
31:45 - How playing for USC, the area’s only football team for a time impacted him.
33:15 - On how flattering it is Kyle Shanahan wanted him on Day 1 of free agency
34:30 - Anything on the practice field reinforcing his belief he’s in the right place
36:15 - What to expect out of Brian Hoyer
37:20 - How past experiences in the NFL will help him with the 49ers
39:20 - Who is the best ping-pong player in the locker room
40:21 - On having his second child