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49ers rookies reveal the super power they would choose

Invisibility in particular could be a key attribute for a football player.

The San Francisco 49ers rookies are in camp and getting ready for the upcoming season. They have had a chance to chat with the 49ers Studio crew, and on Saturday, that resulted in a fun video, posted above.

Each draft pick was asked what super power he would choose if he had the opportunity. We got some obvious ones, including invisibility, and flying and super human strength. The last came courtesy of defensive tackle D.J. Jones. Given his size and existing strength, I’m surprise he did not ask for super human speed. Imagine a defensive tackle with super human speed?

Among those super powers, I think invisibility would be the best option. If you’re invisible, you could cross the line of scrimmage, regardless of position, and refs would not spot you. Or, if you’re not playing in the game at a given moment, you could go on and trip a player without getting caught. It strikes me as a pretty useful super power.

I actually thought Adrian Colbert had the best choice of super powers. He said he would be able to mimic other super powers. I don’t know exactly what this might entail, but reading over this super power wiki page (yes, it exists), I have to say, it’s a pretty clever choice. Why limit yourself to just one power when you could potentially have the power to mimic a variety of them. I guess there are some questions as to how that mimicking would work, but I have to say, I like where his head is at.

Here is what each rookie chose. I liked the reasoning Trent Taylor offered in the video. It’s very pragmatic.

Solomon Thomas: Time travel
Reuben Foster: Invisibility
Ahkello Witherspoon: Invisibility
C.J. Beathard: Flying
Joe Williams: Invisibility
George Kittle: Flying
Trent Taylor: Flying
D.J. Jones: Hulk (strength)
Pita Taumoepenu: Flying
Adrian Colbert: Mimic other super powers