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Brian Hoyer talks Kyle Shanahan offense while sporting Marquise Goodwin merchandise

The 49ers quarterback has his work cut out for him, but he’s off to a good start with at least one of his wide receivers!

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brian Hoyer met with the media (video) Tuesday following practice and this is a man who knows how to make his wide receivers feel good! Hoyer was sporting a hat that said MG, and it turns out it is a logo hat for wide receiver Marquise Goodwin.

Props to Hoyer for selflessly repping a wide receivers’ brand!

Hoyer talked about working on timing with each of his receivers as the team learns the base offense. Hoyer has experience in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, having him as offensive coordinator in Cleveland. It gives him a bit of an advantage at this point in the offseason:

It’s definitely easier for me to call the plays this time around. I remember last time, kinda having to think about it, whereas now, I find myself, when I hear Kyle starting to call a play, I can kinda put it together. It’s hearing it for the second time around, I guess, has really helped. And knowing the plays, because like we’ve talked before, there are a lot of words to it. Having that experience in it, calling the play is half the battle. And it’s something I really don’t think about anymore, it comes naturally to me.

The 49ers are implementing an entirely new offense under Kyle Shanahan. Hoyer talked about the work done in classroom and some of phase two, but the rules of contact and the kind of drills they can run limit how much they could do thus far.

Hoyer acknowledged that even though this is his second time through Shanahan’s offense, there is still plenty he has to learn. He mentioned things like, “why Kyle is calling a play the way he is, who he’s trying to affect on the defense.” As someone with a year of work in Shanahan’s offense, it allows Hoyer to move on from understanding the how to understanding the why. There are only a handful of players on the team with that kind of experience in Shanahan’s offense, but it’s a plus nonetheless.