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Golden Nuggets: A Busy Day

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the internet. Thursday, May 25th, 2017 edition.

Good morning gang, we’ve got news pouring in hot and heavy like a champion. We’ve got stuff on the OTA front, we’ve got roster-crafting articles (don’t know if I’m allowed to say rosterbating, we’ll find out soon!), updates on Kaepernick, updates on Cousins, and some goofy stuff Harbaugh said. OH! Team owners also got together to ratify some rule changes, the most important of which (unless you’re overly concerned with trivial stuff like roster cutdowns, IR rules, and overtime regulations) is a relaxing of rules related to celebrations. Group and prop celebrations are allowed again, twerking is still a no-no. Strike one, John Lynch - the Jets got a premier celebrator at WR and you let it happen.

While he’s not a 49er (yet), keeping an eye on the Cousins-Redskins contract negotiations is pretty high on my list of distractions. At this point, the only two events that might derail the seemingly-fated reunion of Shanahan and Cousins under the red & gold is either Beathard showing out as the newest rookie sensation, or Snyder opening up that big fat wallet. One of them is clearly more likely than the other, I’ll leave you to decide that for your own. Kaepernick got a work-out offer from our division-mates up north, and then ESPN’s Nick Wagoner took it upon himself to put together a juggernaut of an article, compiling clippings of 5 years worth of GMs and HCs pointing out that Kaepernick sucks when asked to be a QB. Little high, little low.

Then Jim Harbaugh did the offseason sports reporters a favor and took the blame for his handshake with Gym Shorts back in 2011. I don’t know if he’s just a happier dude or something, but I don’t like it one bit.

Sprinkled in are a few write-ups on what we’ve gleaned from OTA’s so far - offensive line sucks and spots are wide open, defensive line looks like the strength of the team (and deep!), LEO has a few non-traditional body shapes trying out, and Keith Reaser is playing CB with the first unit. They also said something about Ahmad Brooks’ annual unwillingness to part with his starting spot, which we all know is just sunshine until the season starts, and he costs us a third and short every other game because lining up properly is sooooooo hard isn’t it, AHMAD.

Onto the links! Some good ones today, too.

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