How and Why I Became a Absolute Die Hard 49ers fans

Growing up in a family that I am not embarrassed of saying that lived in some extreme poverty, football was never a priority or interest of mine. My entire family was Cowboys fans, so I jumped on the bandwagon. Never watched a single game, but I was a supposed fan of the Dallas team, and that how it went on until I went into an adoption process and eventually placed in a permanent foster home. It was 2012, and my foster parents were watching the 49ers playing the Bears. I saw this young, ripped dude just completely dominating the Bears. I asked, "Who is that?" My foster mom said "That's Colin Kaepernick. He's a lot like you ya know, he didn't have his real parents for him either, but you know what, he didn't let that stop him and now look at him, he's playing like he is a hall of famer."

I watched the entire game, and didn't move a muscle. I watched as the unstoppable Kapernick and 49ers offense carved up the Bears, and then something else sparked inside me. I watched the 49ers defense completely impose its will on the Bears and force them to submit. From then on there, I was hooked on football, and even more, I was hooked on the 49ers. I watched every game that season, and went from a kid who didn't know what a touchdown was, how the point system was, or any of the rules, to a kid who knew just about anything football and everything there is to know about the 49ers. My grades in school sky rocketed up, I was more open, and just a better person. I used football as an outlet. I was determined to play QB and corner, but mostly QB, I wanted to become the next Kaepernick, an unstoppable athlete who can do whatever he wants on the field and win games he shouldn't. I put on some serious muscles considering my previous muscle mass, and was absolutely dedicated to being mobile QB. And sure enough, the more I studied Kap, his tape, highlights and his play style, the more success I found. I was starting QB all throughout 7th and 8th grade. And my coaches loved me. i wore number 7 and would scramble for 1st downs and TDs like I was born to do it. I carried that into HS and did my best to win us games, but I was hard because my HC wanted me to be more pocket oriented, I refused to eliminate the best aspect of my game, the ability to run one side of the field in a matter of seconds once the secondary turned its back to me.Pluds, I was just as good into the pcket as I was on the run, so I didnt see what the problem was. I had great success, but I was eventually benched because his son came to school and ws brought up his entire life as a tall, pocket passing QB. But I smiled becuase that kid threw 3+ picks every game, he had no deep ball skills and could not escape pressure like I could, yet I stayed 2nd QB the rest of my career.

That winter in 2012, the 49ers went into Green bay. Colin Kapernick, this unstoppable Maverick was expected to unseat the Packers and the king of the NFL, Aaron Rogers. The first drive began. Kaepernick's first playoff pass, he rolls out right to avoid pressure, rockets the ball to the left, and Sam Shields jumps the route and takes it for 6. My parents blew their top, said Kap would choke the entire game, I asked why. They said any time a rookie like QB like Kap making his 1st playoff start against a legend like Rogers and it starts off with an INT, it's gonna be an ugly game. Well, they were wrong, and the rest of the game was history. My hero and idol put up an unbreakable state line with an NFL best 181 rushing yards and 2 TDs on only 16 carries averaging 11.3 ypc, from a QB! To go along with that, he amassed 263 passing yards, 2 TDs. and the lone interception. He was such a weapon and dangerous player, that when the 49ers beat the Panthers with another dazzling QB performance from the young gun Colin and a dominant defensive performance, the Falcons made stopping Kaeprnick their only priority. They did shut down the offense for most of the game, but Kapernick refused to go down. He opened up the way for his running backs by deploying the play action and read option. Frank Gore and Co. dominated the game as Kap put up a modest stat line. The 49ers were going to the Super Bowl, it was everything I could have asked for my first season as a real football fan.

I don't want to relive that horrible ending, but I will say that the 49ers should have won. On Jacoby Jones' KR TD, Miler is literally being hugged by 2 defenders when he was in line for a tackle, and Crabtree was held, no doubt. But the past is int he past, the 49ers had more success, followed by something I can bear to relive. But through it all, I remained die hard, argued why ,my team was the best team, why we could make the playoffs until we were mathematically disqualified. And now, I am looking at the rebuild of what is likely to be an amazing team that will dominate for years to come. When people ask why I love the 49ers so much , why football is so important to me, I always tell them, my life was on a downward spiral, but one lucky day, I walked past a TV and saw a guy wearing number 7 doing something he wasn't meant to do, he didn't have his real parents, everyone always bet against him, yet he refused to go down and became unstoppable. And from that moment on, I promised to be just like him, I'm and enlisted US Soldier waiting for Basic, then Ranger school. I plan on serving my country for years to come and help rebuild it into the proud nation it once was. So when people ask why I support the 49ers so much and argue why they are the best even when they are 1-7, I tell them because they are the best, because without football and the 49ers, I wouldn't have the life I have now. Some could argue the 49ers saved my life, so in return, I give everything I have to them. Because men like Kap, Bow, Willis, Gore, and Justin Smith, they didn't give up no matter how hard things got, and when things got hard, they pushed on and won. And those men have been my idols and role models when I had none.

And That's Why I Became a 49ers Fan.

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