Why I'm a fan of the 49ers

Some people's stories of the beginning of their fandom will be inspirational, emotional, even beautiful. That is not me. Being from Ireland, there was hardly much of a football culture growing up, except for that played by 11 weird men with a round ball. No, my first experience of the NFL was a PSP (yes I know, they used to be cool, trust me) I was bought from the internet - it came with a couple of games, WWE Smackdown - literally the best thing 7 year old me had witnessed - and some weird game called Madden (2006 or so).

I was intrigued. No sooner had I finished prancing around the ring when I decided to investigate this weird foreign sport. I was prompted to select my favourite team, confronted with a series of weird looking logos. One of them was red and gold and I knew it looked wicked. I knew these guys were gonna be awesome (I mean this was the mid-2000s 49ers, but anything's awesome if you press 'easy' mode and believe in yourself).

So I played it, and soon started to understand this sport. It was great - I could throw a ball really long distances, and then when the other ones got the ball I could hit them really hard. 'Twas a simpler time, when my only worries in life were my inability to properly colour in without going outside the lines and my weird obsession with a video game of a foreign sport. Alas, it wasn't to last.

Skip a few years, and my infatuation with this sport was gone. I was a 'normal' teenager (how dull) and played rugby. Then one Sunday night in February at about midnight, a program came on Channel 4 - 'Superbowl 47'. All my old favourites who I'd enjoyed on a 5 inch wide screen were gone, and these guys were good. Not good enough to win, but still. They were good. As I went to bed at around 4:30 am, I knew I was hooked. In the next few months I trawled the internet, reading everything I could find about 'my team' (weirdly not encountering this blog til a few months ago), and buying the most recent edition of Madden. By the time the 2013 season started I was a fan of the Niners, despite having only watched one game live on TV. Life is weird.

Over the next few years I've grown and matured as a fan. I've cheered on (mostly 2013), been disappointed by (2014-), and gone to school and then work utterly drained after a primetime game because of MY 49ers. And damn it's felt good

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