From a Dallas Cowboy's hater to a 49er Faithful


I've never written a post and only rarely comment but I'm on the forums everyday reading articles and deeply enjoy the 9er community here. My work would not be very impressed with amount of time I spend here and listening to 9er podcasts. haha!!

I grew up with a stepdad that was a hardcore Dallas fan and our household never missed a game on TV. I didn't have interest in football and would have remained that way if not for it playing on our TV every game day. It's one of the few things i'm thankful for from my stepdad as we had a contentious relationship at best.

I was only 4 when The Catch happened but I remember it being referred to as the "Stupid lucky f***ing catch" as I got older. And when Tecmo Bowl and Super Tecmo Bowl came out I found myself picking the 9ers when playing against my stepdad and would watch him freak out as Rice would catch everything thrown at him. Still makes me laugh thinking about how pissed he would get. My apparent fondness for the 9ers wasn't lost on him and the more he trashed on them the greater my fandom became. When Eric Davis returned a pick for a touchdown early in the '94 NFC championship game I remember yelling and screaming for him and thought it was going to cause a fight within the house but cooler heads prevailed. 49er fan for life!!

Today I live in Southern Oregon and try to make at least 1 game a year. Thanks for reading my story on why I'm a 9er fan and hope you have a red and gold day!!!

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