Becoming a 49 Fan at age 7 --- in 1957

It was a beautiful fall day in early september of 1957 in Seattle Washington and my dad (a Husky season ticket-holder) took me to see the SF 49ers play the Chicago (yes Chicago) Cardinals at the U of W stadium. Ollie Matson was the star of the Cardinals (he of the being traded for 9 guys with the Rams). I had a fantastic time, got to go down on the field afterward and collect a few autographs from YA Title, Hugh McElhenny, Bob St. Clair and Leo Nomellini and I'be been diehard for life!!! That season -- 57' for you younger folks, was a fantastic one. Many late game come back victories led by a great offense, Title throwing Alley-Oop passes to RC Owens, great runs from Joe Perry and McElhenny, receptions by Billy Wilson etc. The defense was suspect but the Niners did get to the Championship game of the Western Division and led the Detroit Lions 27-7 at half. Only to give it up with a horrible 2nd half collapse losing the game 31-27 to Tobin Rote and the Lions. My heart was broken. But I attempted unsuccessfully to change my name from Rick(y) to "RC" at the time... Didn't stick with parents or teachers. - But I remained a steadfast niner fan through all these 60 years with lots more downs than ups, many visits to Kezar and Candlestick -- but great times. My family is based in Seattle ( I am in CT) so I have some difficult discussions/arguement with them - they being SeaHags fans, but I am hopeful we can once again return to our rightful place atop the NFC West, dominating the Seahags.

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