49ers fan before an NFL fan

In a nutshell that's what started it all.

When I was 5 my uncle like many Irish in the early 80s (83 actually​) moved to the us. Namely the bay area. On his first trip back he brought me a 49ers cap.

So at 5 I became a 49ers fan despite not even knowing what they played. About a year later a new friend saw my cap and introduced me to the NFL.

I was hooked but young and at the time if you wanted NFL news you got the monthly magazine. That was it.

Eventually a TV station got the rights to Sunday night and as I was in my teens I was allowed stay up to watch.

As time went by a jersey was added and I got to grips with the league and rules more and joined an Irish team. Not a bad CB but butter fingers ruined my offence dream.

And that's it, now I have European season pass. The season kickoffs as my wallpaper with GMT replacing the local times and a wife who can't comprehend staying up from 3am to 7am for a live game.

Oh and I am still waiting to see us win the super bowl due to my parents sending me to bed at half time in 95 because they decide to show friends the home video of our summer holiday. I kid you not and yes, I do raise this issue regularly.

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