"Got Milk?" or How I became a Niner fan

Born and raised in suburban Maryland since 1988, you can already probably guess how uncommon it was for a 49er game to be shown. When I was a kid, I loved both football and books and joined a flag football team and during my free time I would go to the library to research how to get better at it. One day, I found a short biography about Steve Young and his journey from his childhood to his Super Bowl victory.

One excerpt that stood out to me in the biography was during his early football career, instead of drinking beer after a game, Young would rather drink a glass of milk. As silly as that sounds, I found that really relatable because I did that same thing too after a flag football game. As a kid, you always find yourself cheering for the winner no matter who it was but that moment about Steve Young sealed it for me and I have been a 49er fan since.

Living in a single parent home, my family couldn't afford much luxuries such as cable television or internet. But when I got my first job in 2004, you can bet yourself that I spent my hard earned cash to get a computer, internet, and cable t.v. to watch 49ers game anytime they came on. Even though 2004 was bad for the Niners, I still loved them, from the Erickson, Nolan, Singletary, Harbaugh, Tomsula, Chip, and yes even the Shanahan years. I will still watch them through the good and the bad.

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