Canadian Mennonite Niner

Was in Bible school/college in Minnesota in 1980 bec after high school that's what we were expected to do...first time ever watching TV and first football game was the 9ers....was a fan ever since....met a girl there ( bear fan) but moved to Mountian View California to get closer to the action....went to Candlestickto tailgate with no tickets and watch tv on little black and white picture plugged into cigarette lighter....loved to hear the roar of the crowd and then with the tv delay I could watch on tv...bec candle stick had many of us who had no tickets but we just threw footballs , bbqed , and had fun. Moved back to the farm in Canada and bought a 12 foot satellite dish to watch all the game, raised our kids ( they played hockey)... but finally moved back to states ( Florida ) so wife could be with her family. Through good times and bad...always a niner fan ....even though I was almost excommunicated back in the day for watching tv, skipping church to watch football, and cheering my team!

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