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2017 fantasy football rankings: Notable 49ers sleepers after Carlos Hyde, PIerre Garçon

Jeremy Kerley, Trent Taylor, and Kyle Juszczyk are all intriguing for one reason or another.

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of question marks on offense, but the hope is that Kyle Shanahan can do enough with his system to get some life out of the group. He’s got some past offensive partners, with guys like Brian Hoyer and Pierre Garçon leading the way. And while Carlos Hyde could very well be supplanted at some point by Joe Williams, the 49ers have some solid depth at the running back position.

The NFL season is months away, but fantasy rankings are starting to arrive. MMQB ranked out their top 100 fantasy players, while ESPN has their preliminary top 200 rankings for both PPR and standard leagues.

Carlos Hyde and Pierre Garçon are the common names in all three sets of rankings. MMQB ranks Hyde No. 76, and Garçon No. 95. ESPN includes Hyde (41 PPR, 30 standard) and Garçon (53, 70). However, ESPN also includes Jeremy Kerley in their PPR rankings at No. 190.

I actually think Kerley could emerge as an intriguing fantasy option in Kyle Shanahan’s offense. He will not be of much value in standard leagues, but in leagues where you get a point per reception, I have a hunch he ends up getting a lot of value. He still is probably no more than a third receiver or flex option, but there is moderate upside in PPR leagues.

Trent Taylor is a guy who could eventually take that role from Kerley. I’m not holding my breath for it to happen right away, but he could be an intriguing dynasty option in PPR leagues. Re-draft and basic keeper leagues can probably stay away from him, but his value in Kyle Shanahan’s offense down the road is something to watch. He was a fifth round pick, so I’m not exactly betting the farm on this, but he’s not a bad lottery ticket.

Speaking of PPR, Kyle Juszczyk will be one to watch as well. He will hold basically no value in standard leagues, but if the 49ers get creative with him, he could be a valuable running back in PPR leagues. Again, he’s not a guy you’re necessarily starting every week, but there is enough intriguing upside to consider him as a flex guy on a regular basis. We don’t yet know what his role will truly be with the 49ers, and also how much Hoyer will target him in the passing game. But don’t sleep on him.

On the running back side, Joe Williams will be a regular pick-up in dynasty leagues, and depending on how early training camp goes, some might reach for him in more basic leagues. I don’t think he supplants Carlos Hyde entirely, but he is going to get a lot of opportunities. If Hyde gets hurt, Williams’ value rises, but I think most 49ers fans will at least have him on their radar ahead of Tim Hightower.

Anybody else jumping out at you for fantasy purposes?