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NN Armchair GM challenge results reveal a couple surprises

We had some correct predictions on C.J. Beathard, Joe Williams, and D.J. Jones. Pretty random.

A couple days before the 2017 NFL draft, I posted the official NN Armchair GM challenge. The draft is well behind us now, and after forgetting for a few weeks, now seems as good a time as any to post the results. Just a reminder that points were awarded based on confidence between 1 and 20. A player the 49ers draft you listed at 20 got you 20 points, a player listed at 19 got 19 points and so forth.

We had 108 entries, although a few were duplicates. It is no surprise that we had a lot of people picking Solomon Thomas and Reuben Foster. I was a little surprised nobody had Thomas and Foster as their top two confidence options. You can see full results here. The top ten finishers are as follows:

GSheen: 52
Hynde: 51
NinerCheyne: 44
3rdandLeong: 41
reedkrase: 40
RinaldoPurrisimo: 38
Rhardin49: 37
thealdonsmith: 37
Spacely0107: 36
Joe the Wizard: 35
JohnTaylor82: 35
NYners: 35
Jacob.Lundeen: 35

GSheen picked Akhello Witherspoon (19 points) Reuben Foster (17 points), and George Kittle (16 points). He also picked Nick Mullens for 2 points. We haven’t included UDFAs in points totals. It had no impact on the final results.

19 people correctly picked their 20-point confidence pick. 18 of those picks were Solomon Thomas, with dumpster fire fan correctly picking Ahkello Witherspoon with that pick. 25 people correctly included Ahkello Witherspoon in their picks. Solomon Thomas led the way with 75 picks. Reuben Foster was next at 39. George Kittle was picked by 19 people.

The most impressive picks involved C.J. Beathard, Joe Williams, and D.J. Jones. Users reedkrase and Hynde correctly had the 49ers picking C.J. Beathard. reedkrase gets particular props for making him a 15-point pick. Joe the Wizard, AUSSININER, and Django Fett (16-point pick) each had the 49ers selecting Joe Williams. Joe the Wizard (9-point) and WaitingForSix (7-point) both picked D.J. Jones. I’d be curious to know how those folks people made those picks considering they were much further down the radar.