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Golden Nuggets: We’ve Got Two Whole Links

A daily compilation of 49ers links from abouts the internets. Monday, May 29th, 2017 edition.

Another quiet day in the times between OTAs, all we have for the day is pair of articles. The first revisits a dead horse beaten with another dead horse: Kyle Shanahan has formally declared himself both HC and OC. This raised some red flags, understandably so, with some folks, in the wake of a Chip Kelly HCship that left him as the de facto OC - with a nominal title attributed to Curtis Modkins, despite his actual role as a run game coordinator. Others have pointed to Shanahan’s proficiency in coordinating both phases of the offense, which I see as an entirely viable argument. Recent rumblings have pointed towards both Shanahan’s familiarity with defense as a positive, as well as his unfamiliarity with equitable “Head Coaching”.

The latter article isn’t much more than an offseason puff piece declaring VMcD as ready to compete - in fact, it doesn’t really say much. However, it was a slow news day, and sometimes we take what we’re given.

To the links, which thankfully there were more than one, meaning I can honestly say “links”.

Shanahan’s delegation of offensive coaching | Maiocco, CSN Bay Area

Vance McDonald “unfazed” by trade talks | Wagoner, ESPN