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How many 49ers will be on the NFL Network Top 100 list next season?

The 49ers have nobody this season, but a coaching and roster overhaul could change that a year from now.

NFL Network is making their way through their annual Top 100 list, and will be unveiling spots No. 41-50 Monday evening at 6 p.m. PT. You can look through the current list, and it is not all that surprising that no 49ers have made it so far. There are 50 spots remaining, and I have a hunch we won’t see any 49ers showing up.

The 49ers are turning over their roster, and a year from now, it is possible we see some players making an appearance. When you go 2-14 and fire your coach, odds are good your team will be pretty forgettable. But even if they have a poor record this season, we could see them a bit further on the radar under Kyle Shanahan.

A year from now, who might end up showing up on the list? If Carlos Hyde can stay healthy, there is always a good chance. Of course, if he gets hurt and/or loses his job to Joe Williams, that changes in a hurry. Joe Staley is always a candidate if the 49ers offense shows some improvement this year.

If NaVorro Bowman can stay healthy all season, I’d bet good money he makes the list. The defense as a whole has a few intriguing possibilities. DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead are two names to watch. Jimmie Ward and Eric Reid on the back end are possibilities. If Rashard Robinson starts all season, he’s a guy who could build on last year and end up on the list.

A year from now, when the Top 100 is being posted by NFL Network, there is of course one free agent name to consider. Quarterback Kirk Cousins showed up at No. 70 this season, a year after being ranked No. 85. If he puts up anything like last year, odds are pretty good he climbs a little more. So, I suppose the 49ers could get someone on the list courtesy of a free agent addition.

Who are the names that you think show up?